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M11(em e'le:vən)

Shortform: we create and produce content for brands, media, clubs, associations and testimonials. Mainly in sports, mostly in football. And we are good at what we are doing but that doesn’t sound so hot right now. So here comes the more serious marketing speech:



We coach in 

strategic storytelling.


We identify topics, content and channels whilst tailoring them individually to each brand.


We produce interactive live formats in O.E.P. Media.

Two things are especially important to us when it comes to the development of ideas, strategies and formats:

  1. People are not interested in brands. People are interested in people.

  2. Content that moves people never originates from a brand.

Whoever takes that to heart, creates moments that last forever.

People share content that moves them. That’s what we call

Social Media Broadcasting.


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