Maik Nöcker - Managing Partner and Founder.


Always media. Always been interested in brands. This is perhaps the reason why Maik feels so comfortable at the interface between media and brands. To understand both sides means to connect both optimally. 


His career in key points: born April 24, 1969 in Gütersloh, Germany, joined Radio Schleswig-Holstein in Kiel in 1989, then Radio Hamburg and rs.2 in Berlin. 1996 the first tender touches with television as a presenter with Kabel 1, then in the direction of sports marketing, Philips and eBay for the 2006 World Cup, etc. 


In 2012, Maik landed at FC St. Pauli and a little later at Sky. After the programme "0800 - Du bist drauf!", "Meine 11" - the playlist of football stars“ followed in 2017. Parallel to this, there are engagements for the German Football Association (DFB) and Volkswagen - Partner of Football. 

Jon Pride - Senior Editor & DoP.


Glitches, cuts & sequences - Jon is the man behind the camera. With him, everyone here has to be especially good, because his eyes decides how the brand, product or protagonist is staged. He has been doing this for years in permanent and freelance jobs for brands like Swarovski, Wella or Audi Switzerland.


Since 2019 he has been on board with us as senior editor and since then he has been taking care of the best pictures and the worst jokes. DoeP.DoeP.DoeP. (Obviously a very German joke witch is not translatable.)

Jonas Frank - Technik, Streaming, Moderation. 


Jonas is the reason why we can network brands and media at all. None of us knows exactly how he does it, but in the end we broadcast live and parallel on various social media channels. Several Skype callers can be added and user comments shown. BUT: don't call him nerd! 


Like almost everyone at M11, Jonas comes from the media. So if you are from the north of Germany, you might know his voice from N-Joy or NDR 2.  


Michelle Lange - team management and organization. 


Michelle falls completely out of line here and maybe that is why she is one of the most important people here in the team. She falls out of line because her first name does not begin with "J". She is one of the most important people on the team because she is meticulous about making sure that every job is done and every deadline is met. For numbers, dates and facts, just ask Michelle, she knows everything! 


By the way, Michelle joined our team at the beginning of 2020 and previously studied media at the University of Mittweida. Since then, she has held the melodious title of Bachelor of Arts. 

Co-Working: Many of our productions are created in cooperation with 

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